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Early Years

Nurturing the Foundation of Future Leaders.

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Foster International School’s pre-school program provides a nurturing and stimulating environment where young minds can flourish.

Our program encourages children to develop essential skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking, while also strengthening their social and emotional growth.

Music Class for all Ages

A fun and welcoming atmosphere can make all the difference. Unleash your inner harmony and explore the world of melodies through vibrant and enriching music.

Yoga & Zumba Class for All Ages

Discover the perfect blend of mind-body wellness in our invigorating Yoga and Zumba classes, fostering balance and strength.

Sports Classes

Experience the thrill of athleticism and teamwork in our dynamic sports classes, cultivating a passion for healthy competition.

OUR Programs

Early Years 1

We provide a stimulating environment where young leaders embark on their educational journey through plan, exploration, and guided discovery. Children develop sensory and motor skills along with cognitive development.

Early Years 2

This is a transformative stage where young leaders continue to thrive and grow, building upon their foundation of curiosity and exploration with structured learning experiences. Children also develop their social skills.


Young learners are prepared for academic success, fostering independence, critical thinking, and a love for learning. They will develop hand-eye coordination, adjust to their culture, and increase their vocabulary to several hundred words, among many other milestones.

Islamic Teachings

Understanding of Islamic principles, values and fostering a strong connection to faith.

Project-Based Learning

Exploring and engaging with real-world challenges, critical thinking and creativity.

Gross Motor Skills

Building physical strength, coordination, and confidence through engaging activities that promote movement and active play.

Library Reading

Immerse in the world of knowledge and imagination through the wonders of library reading, where books open doors to endless possibilities.

Art Classes

Unleash creativity and express your unique vision through our inspiring art classes, where imagination knows no bounds.

Gifted & Talented

We recognize and nurture the unique gifts and talents of every students, empowering them to reach their full potential and shine brightly.

What parents Say

"Exceptional Education"

-Yasin Saleem

"Life-Changing Decision"

-Zainab Ali

"Better than typical schools"

-Azmat Khan

"Built for the future"

-Farkhanda Noor

Early Years 1

Early Years 2


School Facts

Islamic Scholars

We invite respected Islamic Scholars who inspire and guide our students, enriching their understanding of Islamic principles and nurturing their spiritual growth.

Thematic Teaching

Thematic teaching is based on the idea that kids learn best through holistic, real-life experiences, helping students develop a deeper appreciation for the subject matter.

Technology Enabled Learning

Providing students with innovative tools and resources to enhance their learning experience and enable them to succeed.

Inclusive Education

Student-centered education: providing students the opportunity to learn at their own pace and feel supported, challenged and motivated to learn.

Leadership & Problem Solving Skills

Overcoming challenges in a constructive and collaborative manner, while inspiring and guiding others towards a common goal.

Extra & Co-Curricular Activities

Our extensive range of extra and co-curricular activities offer students opportunities to explore their passions and create lifelong memories.

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